WFM 2.0 - What the Future Holds

Learn how automation, live chat, continuous learning, channel blending, the Gig Economy and Generation Z will change WFM. 


What you will learn in this video

In his talk, John Casey, Resource Planning Expert at CCplanning, shares his predictions on how WFM will change in the next years. Recorded at PlanCon UK 2019. You will learn:

Which perils and benefits are attached to channel blending

 Why digital channels are not always quicker to handle

Why automation will become more important in the future

 What the role of continuous learning is in planning

 What planners should know about live chat

How the Gig Economy and Generation Z will change contact centres

Some personal top tips by John


About the speaker


John Casey - Resource Planning Expert, CCplanning

John Casey is a resource planning veteran, having worked within the discipline for 25 years. He has a passion for working within Outsourcing / BPO organisations due to the variety of challenges it throws up on a day to day basis. He has also spent a large chunk of his career helping other planners with their issues and problems, promoting Best Practice and also teaching resource planning concepts.

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Duration: 42 minutes