Standards in Planning

Expert talk with top tips and best practices for contact centre Resource Planning. Presented by Phil Anderson, Head of Best Practice (Planning) at The Forum.

What you will learn in this expert video

In his presentation recorded at PlanCon 2018, a new must-attend conference for WFM heroes, Phil gives top tips on how to improve Resource Planning by focusing on Flexibility, Volatility & Control and Multi-Skill. Phil is supported by Chris Dealy, customer experience expert at InVision.

Here is an overview of the main topics that Phil addresses in his presentation:

  • The role and function of 'The Forum'
  • The 6 key stages of Resource Planning
  • Top tips and best practices to improve Flexibility, Volatility & Control and Multi-Skill in the contact center
  • How injixo WFM can support in those areas

About the Speaker


Phil Anderson

Head of Best Practice (Planning) at The Forum

With more than 18 years of contact centre experience, Phil provides a range of membership support at 'The Forum' including training, research, presentations, facilitation, consultancy and corporate reviews. He leads the Planning Standards Benchmarking programme and gets unique insight to Planning best practice, helping to define new standards and identifying best-in-class principles.