Latest Thinking on Scheduling

How to make scheduling more flexible and efficient.


What you will learn in this video

In his talk, Jonty Pearce, Editor at Call Centre Helper, shares his best advice for beginning and advanced planners who want to improve their scheduling. Recorded at PlanCon UK 2019. You will learn:

 Classic scheduling problems and challenges

 Best practices that make scheduling easier and more efficient

Typical and uncommon shift types that make scheduling more flexible


About the speaker


Jonty Pearce - Editor at Call Centre Helper

Jonty Pearce is the Editor of Call Centre Helper. He first walked into a Call Centre in 1990 and has been hooked ever since. Jonty is widely recognised as one of the leading figures in the Contact Centre industry and under his editorial guidance has built up the readership of Call Centre Helper. Call Centre Helper started publication over 15 years ago as an online magazine for the call centre community.

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Duration: 38 minutes