Contact Centre Mega Trends: AI Takes over from Cloud as the New Disrupter

This talk looks at how AI technologies are reshaping customer interaction and contact centre management.


What you will learn in this video

In his presentation, Martin Hill-Wilson, Customer Service, Emotive CX & AI Engagement Strategist, shows why we’re at the start of a whole new era of customer service and shares glimpses at how contact centers will change due to AI in the future (and which tools are already available).  Recorded at PlanCon UK 2019. You will learn:

How AI transforms customer service right now

How the new Google Cloud Contact Center AI works

 Get an overview of the vast number of emerging AI use cases in the contact center

 See how AI is used to improve customer engagement


About the speaker

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Martin Hill-Wilson - Customer Service, Emotive CX & AI Engagement Strategist

Martin is a Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement strategist and facilitator. He provides keynotes, masterclasses and transformation frameworks on omni-channel contact strategy, customer based quality management, emotion management for customer engagement and AI driven customer service. 

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Duration: 49 minutes